It’s the Food

Did you know the World Health Organization classified processed meats (bacon, sausage,  ham, wieners, deli cuts, etc.) as a Class 1 Carcinogenic, or something that likely causes cancer (at the same level as smoking and asbestos)?

You might have heard something in the news a couple of years ago about this, but then you likely heard that butter was great for you, and fruits and veggies cause diabetes, and carbs make people fat, and a whole lot of other stuff that left you wondering what is true and what is not and who can you trust these days anyways?

You might have visited the Cancer Association website and found “healthy” recipes filled with ground beef and other meats. I mean if they say it’s okay, it must be, right?

This month Netflix released the groundbreaking documentary What the Health.  I believe that everyone needs to watch this movie. Make your own choices and decisions after that, but first watch this film.

Two thirds of the population is obese. One in four deaths is from cancer. Within the next 25 years one in three people will have diabetes. This is the first generation that will likely not outlive their parents. So, can anyone deny that something is going on?

It’s the food. It’s all about the food.

And maybe eventually someday the human species will evolve so we can eat this way and not get diabetes, cancer and a host of other diseases, but that is still a long way off in the future.

In the meantime, I continue to search for better options for myself and my family, to seek out the path to better health.


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  1. oneanna65 says:

    Reblogged this on cancer killing recipe and commented:
    Yeah, it’s the Food!!!!!


  2. veg4life says:

    So glad I’m a vegetarian aspiring to be vegan!! Little did I know that making this choice 20 years ago would pay off so much now!

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  3. lisakunk says:

    Well said. Oo that part about evolving so that people won’t get sick from bad foods is something I’ve never thought about. Hmmm


  4. Hi! Anna indeed showed me your site. I have not considered mammals edible since the death of my 21 year-old childhood cat (July 21, 2003) and by 2007 I was vegetarian. I celebrated her birthday with love on July 2!
    News like this makes me relieved for my spouse & I, who changed with me. If some folks need a “what’s in it for them” push to stop consuming other life as if they were disposable products, let this film be the answer. Much like not needing religion to inform our spirituality, I deem it important to use common sense in health. Natural things like fruit, berries, vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts…. we have never needed anyone to tell us these are wise! Carolyn in prairie Canada.

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  5. My husband and I have attended a few PETA Gala events in LA. We were there last year (for Paul McCartney!) and the Phoenix Family is so vital to PETA’s efforts to educate on the vegan movement. I miss River and remain a huge fan of Joaquin, personally and professionally.


  6. Many years ago someone told me that the French/Spanish/Italians drink more alcohol than we do and smoke more than we do, but live longer simply because of their diet. Not sure but a great post all the same

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  7. TMH says:

    This post is a public service. Thanks.


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